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Do you know that for each and every pound of weight we lose, we reduce four pounds of force from our knees, and as many as six pounds from our hips? This is certainly great incentive for people to remain active, irrespective of age! Incorporating exercises for older women and men to the day to day routine may make a big difference in minimizing discomfort, particularly for seniors who are susceptible to joint pain from arthritis as well as other conditions of aging.

With the approval of the senior’s doctor, Inspired Home Care, a provider of Algonquin home health care and senior care in nearby areas, recommends the following exercises for seniors to help maintain healthy joints:

  1. Begin with a warm-up. Before exercising, the senior should always start out with gentle bending and stretching moves, such as reaching up overhead, bending down to touch the toes (or as close as possible without causing pain), side bends, and moving the arms in slow, wide circles.
  2. Swim a lap or two. Swimming is an excellent low-impact aerobic fitness exercise, and just being in the water is extremely relaxing for both the mind and the body as well. Seek out a senior swim class, or simply go along with your loved one to swim a couple of laps at his or her own pace.
  3. Get in some weight training. Strength training can be accomplished any time and anywhere and at almost any level of fitness. Resistance bands, hand weights and even bottles of water are fantastic for building upper body strength. Your loved one should start off light and steadily progress up to an increased difficulty level – again, with guidance from the physician.
  4. Take a hike. There is nothing quite as invigorating and rejuvenating as going on a walk outdoors, when weather permits. Walking through the neighborhood gives the added benefit of socializing with friends on the way; or locate a wooded trail to appreciate the quiet beauty of nature.
  5. Try something new. Consult with your local senior center or gym to find a class your loved one might want to try, such as yoga or tai chi. Sign up for the class together and get the additional benefit of creating some fun new memories with the senior!

As the top-rated provider of Algonquin home health and senior care in nearby communities, it is always our mission to help older adults enjoy life to the fullest, as well as to continue to be as active and engaged as possible – boosting both physical and emotional wellbeing. At Inspired Home Care, we are always readily available to provide transportation for seniors and accompaniment to exercise sessions as well as other activities of interest. Reach out to us at 847-787-7572 to take the first step in helping your loved one realize a healthier and happier quality of life!