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Home is where we’re most comfortable; it’s an environment that is familiar, filled with cherished memories. And it’s where the vast majority of older adults prefer to remain throughout the aging process, even if they are living alone.

With the assistance of the highly trained, compassionate care team at Inspired Home Care, aging in place at home is a viable option for many. The services we offer are as varied as the individuals we serve, as we realize that each person is unique, and thus experiences growing older uniquely.

We begin the care process by meeting with older adults and their loved ones in the comfort of home for a comprehensive consultation in which we learn as much as possible about the challenges being faced, as well as personal likes, dislikes, personality type, hobbies, interests, preferences, and more. Our goal at Inspired Home Care is to create in our clients a renewed sense of energy and hope by helping them to live a full life in the comfort of home through our services providing senior care in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

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We accomplish this by providing any or all of the following types of assistance:

Our home care services are available for just a few hours each week up to full-time assistance provided by a team of caregivers, and always in adherence to our core values, represented by the acronym CARING:

Comfort – We provide care that keeps the home environment comfortable and safe.

Affection – We approach clients, families, partners, and our own team members amicably.

Respect – We actively listen to and respect the wants and needs of our clients and care team.

Integrity – We are honest and forthright, and follow through with what we have promised.

Nurturing – We provide care that is intended to nurture the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

Generosity – We are generous with our time, listening to clients and attending to their needs.

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Discreet Technology for Enhanced Safety at Home

Home care services help older adults stay safe, comfortable, and independent at home. But what happens when a caregiver leaves at the conclusion of their shift? Unless a loved one is receiving around the clock care in the home, there will be times when they are without immediate access to assistance. In order to provide an extra layer of support between caregiver visits, we partner with StackCare, a provider of in-home safety technology.

What Is SmartCare by StackCare and How Does It Work?

Unlike an in-home camera system or a wearable pendant, SmartCare is unobtrusive and will not interfere with a person’s privacy or lifestyle. SmartCare’s technology works through tiny, discreetly placed sensors that blend seamlessly into the home environment. These sensors send signals to a computer system that learns a person’s typical behaviors, activities, and routines. If there are changes in a person’s patterns that might be a cause for concern, a real-time alert is generated that can go to loved ones or our agency.

Learn About the Benefits of SmartCare Today

If you’re interested in a discreet and effective solution to help a loved one maintain their safety and independence at home, reach out to us to learn more about SmartCare’s features and how it can enhance peace of mind.

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