long term care discussion

Being together over the holidays is a great time to catch up and an ideal time to have discussions about long term care planning with elderly parents. Having an open and honest conversation around care needs, home modifications and finances is essential to help fulfill the wishes of senior loved ones.

Inspired Home Care, a trusted provider of in-home care in Algonquin and surrounding communities, has put together some important questions for you to address during your discussion:

  1. Would you like to continue to live at home as you get older, or consider a move elsewhere? The vast majority of older adults wish to remain at home throughout aging over a move to a nursing home or assisted living facility, or moving in with adult children. If this is the situation with your parents, think through any changes that need to happen in order for that desire to become a reality: home modifications along with the general layout of the home, as well as a plan for support if a disability, chronic illness, or simply the challenges of aging make it hard to stay safe and independent.
  2. What community services, amenities, and organizations do you want to continue to access? Naturally, your parents will have to be able to get groceries and other necessary supplies and keep up with medical appointments and procedures, but determine what else will be essential to them as they get older, such as attending religious services, hair and/or nail salon appointments, sporting events, visits with neighbors and friends, etc. How will they carry on with these tasks and activities if they become unable to drive?
  3. How will the cost for any long term care needs be covered? Financial circumstances are sometimes a sensitive matter to broach with your aging parents, yet it’s essential to make certain a plan is in place to meet future needs. If it hasn’t been done already, now is the ideal time to ensure your parents have designated a power of attorney and met with a financial planner who can review investments, savings, retirement funds, insurance, estate planning, etc. and create a plan to cover any possible expenses pertaining to aging care.
  4. Who is within your network of support? It’s a good idea to come up with a list of your parents’ close friends, neighbors, and other loved ones who are available to help in the event of unexpected emergency or just as your parents’ abilities change through aging. Prioritize the list in the order your parents would like them to be contacted if a need arises, and then share the list with anyone who might have the need to get in touch with them (including those on the list themselves).

At Inspired Home Care, we work with older adults and their families throughout Algonquin and the surrounding communities as they make a plan for long term care needs. Because our home care services are highly personalized, we are able to begin providing assistance in just a few areas, for just a couple of hours weekly, such as assistance with meals, housekeeping, and running errands, and then add in additional support over time as needed.

Contact our aging care experts at 847-787-7572 for the trusted support your senior parents need to remain safe and secure, comfortable, and thriving at home for a lifetime. We’re always available to answer any questions you have, and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to share more information about our top-rated in-home care in Algonquin and the surrounding communities.